Monday, 7 September 2009

Question: Mono or Stereo?

Really this is a question for Craig, but I figured everybody would have an opinion. So, all the Beatles albums get re-released tomorrow with (apparently) jaw dropping dynamics and quality. And everybody is saying that mono is the way to go. Problem is that you can only get them as a box set for around £200. You can get the full sumptious box set in stereo for around £170 or you can buy them separately - that way you don't have to own Yellow Submarine - and that will probably cost you around £130.

Or do you wait a few months until they are in Fopp for a fiver a throw?

They are supposed to sound amazing.

What to do? And if you buy them separately, then in what order? (I have my own views here, but interested what people think).

Craig: Shine your light of wisdom upon me.


  1. Wait till they release the Red album and The Blue album like last time. Job done

  2. "Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream."
    Who said it to John Lennon?

    You can win a book and a balloon and oh, I forgot a mars bar(a really special one)

  3. Google reckons it's from The Tibetan Book of the Dead, so it must be the Dhali Lamma bloke.

  4. I'm going for the mono box set first. I've read a couple of reviews in the music magazines and that seems to be the way to go. But I may end up with the stereo ones as well later.

    You are very welcome to a digital copy (that should get the blog shut down for piracy rather than for quality control) if you reckon the sound will be good enough.

  5. No, wrong answer
    Try google again
    The first name starts with T

  6. Now I'm confused, I get the fact that Andy as a fully paid up member of the audiophile nutcase club could actually give a damn....but Craig surely you fall into the Musophile club.

    Isn't it all about the songs? Shit songs on a great player still sound shit. Great songs used to work on medium wave radio one. Have they written any new ones?

    oh is the answer..Tigger?

  7. No, its all about the variation from what I'm used to for me rather than just the improvement in quality. Hearing things on a song that I havent heard before or a slightly different mix. I'd be just as interested if they were releasing the earliest demo of each song.

    Is that still muso?

  8. I thought that might get some discussion. And thanks for adding the picture - I couldn't be arsed looking for one.

    Personally, I fully expected Craig to go for mono...I'm very tempted myself (incidentally, there's 15% all the new Beatles stuff at CDWOW until midnight). But what I might do is go for stereo separates and then swap some CD-Rs with Craig. Sound like a plan? I don't think it counts as copyright infringement if you already own them (and let's face it, we already purchased the original CD versions).

    Apparently, grown men have wept at the quality of the new recordings.

    Mind you, I completely forgot my point for the original posting: Are remastered CDs just the same as flogging bottled water? I tend to think yes, but it's The Beatles, so it doesn't count.

  9. Don't start me on skinnywater again grrr, no Richard is in Poland, he's drunken texted already to tell me how loud it is.

    And I thought the rules were, 'do they need the money?' if the answer is no its ok to rip away. erm maybe. Suddenly felt less brave for a moment that McCartney blokes well in with the lawyers.

  10. He is from Liverpool though. He'd understand.

  11. SKINNY WATER ROCKS!!! I've lost three pounds already and my spots are gone.

  12. This is what Matthew from another Blogsite thought when I highlighted it to him. SO well articulated.

    Maybe Skinny Water, perhaps, a drink so monumentally stupid that I have stared at that ridiculous primary school website for hours trying to figure out if the damn thing is a hoax or not. It’s so ridiculous I keep thinking that it really must be a piss-take, but it really does appear to be water laced with imaginary weight-reducing ingredients.
    As their website claimed*, the water “has been enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients to help you lose weight… suppress appetite, block carbohydrates from converting into fat and increase fat burning”.

    This website, on the other hand, claims that this is most ludicrous pile of horse manure to hit the public domain in ages. Although, thinking about it, this product is so transparently idiotic that I find it hard to blame the manufacturers, or the designers of that comedy website. Honestly, if you are so fucking stupid as to fall for this sort of infantile idiocy then you deserve to be ripped off and, honestly, you deserve the continuing cycle of desperate, futile hope followed by the despair of inevitable failure and decimated self-esteem that this sort of obsessive weight mania will certainly bring you. Jesus fucking Christ, if you’re too fat (which I am) then either just accept it and enjoy your life, or get some fucking exercise.

  13. Wait a second...they've invented water that makes you skinny! That's brilliant! Why wouldn't that be a good thing?

    Next, I want beer that makes me skinny. And then kebabs.

  14. It tastes great too, better than full fat water.

  15. oh FFS I give up, yes they made fucking skinny water go and buy it, if you say 'shit for brains' at the checkout you get a discount.

  16. Skinny water was developed by an American indian living in the woods, therefore it doesn`t work.
    Actually it is alcohol in it, that explains the confusion

  17. I bathe my feet in it and it cured my bunions. God bless skinny water.

  18. Unbelievably Andy makes one post and gets twice as many hits than any other post on this blog!! You've even got a Brazilian reader