Saturday, 19 September 2009

Album - A Brief History of Love - The Big Pink

Just maybe, if the band had landed in a field at Leeds festival from Mars without so much as a 'hi there' I may have developed a different opinion of this album. It would have been easier finding unbiased and uninformed jurors for the OJ Simpson trial than avoiding web and print opinions on this band for the last two months. I once fell for the next big thing argument in the 1980's and have a Then Jerico album to show for it, be careful out there.

So with the least biased opinion I can muster and giving them leeway as a new band.....they just dont have enough decent songs on the album. I know the shoegazing division on here may disagree, but honestly just having loads of effects pedals and feedback isn't going to work without some tunes.

Yes it's a bit Bunnymen in places but without the luscious McCulloch voice, it's a bit J&M Chain in places too, but without any of the attitude, but more than anything it's OMD with effects pedals. That's not the worst thing in the world but it really isn't next big thing material.

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As for the songs, the album starts well enough with Crystal Visions and loads of guitars, Dominos the obvious single follows it and it's already starting to annoy me. Love in Vain is just painful.

I can get along with 'At War with the Sun' and I really like 'Velvet' (OMD heavy?) , the last track Tonight is excellent and I'd guess has either been written by someone else or the medication has worn off. A Brief History is bound to appear in every year end list going, but remember it's very easy to mix up your Then Jerico's with you House of Love's and you wouldn't want a stray Genesis album in your collection.


  1. well, they don't sound very good.

  2. Wait till Rich has a comment I suspect he may have a slightly tangental opinion. But it is a bit 6/11

  3. Wise words indeed about Genesis albums

  4. Well, the whole cd is good. Isn't worse than other new lil' wannabe rockstar bands.

    Lot of influences, like all the groups today.

    Even the old bands actually are repeating himselfs in it's sounds.

    Sounds a little bit of it, a little bit of that, but finally make a style from all these influences.

    I like the TBP work.

  5. Yes but it isn't pushing one boundry, its just a bit dull. I saw them play live and it was the same. everyone should get 15 minutes but really I just don't find it that interesting.

    The shirelles were interesting

  6. Jeez, what a bunch of haters you've got here! The Big Pink are actually pretty good, regardless what these cats say. And these days very, very very few artists breaking new ground; and that's not what it's all about anyway.

  7. Crikey I thought I was being objective. I will be amazed if the follow up album is any good though