Monday, 28 September 2009

Album - Withered Hand - Good News

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If this is Good News, then I wouldn't like to see him with a hangover having been told his cats just died. Withered hand is a bloke called Dan from Edinburgh who roped in some mates to play on this his first album.

Not that anyone will remember, but I posted a song off the first ep U R Courageous an age ago, well the full album is here now and it’s fantastic. It’s a bit lo-fi, it’s definitely not all in tune,Dan isn't a great singer and the songs don’t bounce along with a turbo charged umph. What you do get though is something very traditional that has quirky originality, absolutely openness in the lyrics and a bloke singing about where he is in his life.

The songwriting is excellent in a traditional and may early Dylan way, clever funny lyrics, the odd chorus where needed and simple but brilliant music holding it all together. It doesn’t really sound like anything else so you’ll just have to give it a go.

Buy the album direct from the label here, as you'll get a bonus free badge too.

SL Records Shop

I heard the other day, that if you do this then the whole £10 goes to the label/band. If you buy the same album from the Amazon / HMV type route then the band/indie label only get about £2.50. Bloody thieving middlemen eh? Saying all that, the free badge works best for me, I'd still buy comics if they had free flying things on the front cover. I'm also pretty sure Craig would still be chewing Bazooka Jo's if they were still giving away xray specs.

Anyway here is the myspace site

Play ‘religious songs’ listen to the words absorb the music and enjoy. It's one of my favourites so far this year.

9/11 (the first track on the album confuses me)


  1. I liked him last time you plugged him and I got the EP. Will probably get the new one too.

    So, thats two yes votes for Dan.

  2. It's much better than the EP. and you get a badge and don't need to hide in the shed.