Monday, 14 September 2009

Album -Slow Club - Yeah So

Slow Club

I really like 9 out of the 12 (or maybe 13 if you count the hidden one) songs on this album. It's not the sort of music I'd normally listen too but would work a treat at The End of the Road Festival.

It's on the far side of the Americana and approaching indie folk but without the doggies on strings.

I’ve had the CD in the car for a good 6 weeks and haven’t become bored with it yet. I think that’s down to the variety within each of the songs which isn’t immediately obvious on first listen. A casual listen will lead to a memorable melody or a hook in a chorus and this album is choc full of chorus’. I think the real beauty of this album though is in the over clunky guitar in the slow song or the misplaced verse or the very odd rhyme (the Rio de Janeiro one is inspired). It’s a neat trick bringing quirkiness without interrupting the flow of the songs.

I've read a few reviews of the album and the theme seems to be 'it's ok, but they are really great live'. The good news is that you can have both and I'll certainly be looking out for them on next years festival circuit or some small venue in Manchester.

mp3 Link removed because of the thought police....the irony is two people have bought the album having heard the track on here.

And the really excellent - go on give it a go

Because We Are Dead - Video

Result 7.8/11

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  1. The sound like the sort of band that I would quite like, please can you put them on the next memory stick and I'll have a listen.