Saturday, 19 September 2009

New Stuff - The Dirty Cuts

New wave disco songs is the bands description for the music, I've just got them down as writing good songs with a great guitar sound. It's so new that the first release from the band isn't until November, that would have 'newer than you' Jo Whiley sitting on the washing machine for a week.

Just for Andy, it's Pete and the Pirates meets Gang of Four with a touch of Human League, so just about everything you'd go eurgh to. However the four songs currently on their myspace are all worth listening to, start at the single to be - Two Page Spread and let it play through.

The Dirty Cuts on Myspace (Rich, play Cult Mother you'll like that one)

Other than that, they from Glasgow and are on 17 Seconds Records who also release stuff for Aberfeldy who have a tune called Come on Claire

No known addictions or near death experiences reported.....yet. And just to appeal to the normal high jump girl standards on here, they have a girl in the band.

And finally I may have an mp3 if you want one but don't tell the big brother people who are hunting me down. Ed if you read this far..... I don't and I won't

9/11 I love pop songs

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