Monday, 9 November 2009

Dog Toilets

I got one from Argos a few years ago. Or The Argos as it seems to be called these days. It was made of green plastic, not much bigger than a bucket and you had to bury it in your garden with just the lid above ground level. Chemicals and drainage holes in it were meant to magically make the contents dissolve and disappear. No doubt reappearing some months later in Australia. That would be a surprise for them, when digging the vegemite patch.

First letdown was that my dogs refused to defecate in it. In hindsight if they had been capable of being trained to do that I'd have let them use the inside toilet and saved myself the job of digging a hole.Second problem was the quantity of waste that my two medium sized mutts produced. God knows who else was feeding them but the Dog Bog was full to the brim by day two. You would have needed concentrated sulphuric acid to dissolve that lot. And I was fresh out.

I toyed with the idea of buying a few more of them and littering my lawn with them, but the thought of Princess Di paying me a visit in full minefield costume was too much to bear.I finally got rid of it later that day after looking out of the window and seeing one of the dogs feasting on its contents before grinning at me with brown teeth and lips.


  1. That's disgusting. I think you're determined to spoil this website.

    If you hadn't signed it off as Craig, I would have felt certain you were Andy...he's normally always responsible for the offensiveness around here.

  2. I think I'm going to vote Andy in as moderator.

  3. Sorry mate I logged on as I was eating my tea. The picture had to go. Feel free to change it back once my pudding has settled.

  4. The picture was the best bit. I do like the grinning dog though. Perhaps if I change it back when you have finished eating, you could put the dog in halfway down or so. Maybe after photoshopping a bit of brown onto its lips.

    My big dilemma with this one is just what forum to link it to.

  5. That dogs got a really creepy smile.