Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Akira the Don - I Am Not Dead (YEAH!)

Zombies in music, old skool at that, dead as a dodo. AK's future is metaphorically frozen garlic bread and in a world where the music goldrush is ending as suddenly as it began, he's the great white hope.

While panic stricken executives in the majors reread 1984 and attempt to bolt flapping holes where gates once existed, some folk read the Strummer rulebook and get off their arses. If you find something you love doing, you have fun and you are ingenious enough to create income streams you'll probably be ok. AK does all this and he makes great music.

There's a deep well of here say lurking on the internet about Mr AK Producer turning down the Yankee Dollar when the opportunity to resuscitate a dying west coast rap scene presented itself. Pretty cool saying no to the dudes with guns.

And back in Blighty in a London flat, AK set about creating, music , cartoons, art, T Shirts, gigs and movies. It's only a timing issue and the events will surely follow.

Everything is available from the oneman online emporium

Akira the Don Website - Including Hi-tops and loads of free download mixtapes

All three of the physical CD's are worth buying, ok it's the past doing the future now but really go retro and buy them.

I Am Not Dead (Yeah!)

Older people (those that switched radio station) may be perturbed by non physical product but I'm sure a local teenager can reassure you.

The 7 track EP comes in a zip file together with artwork for old skool CDs. Its a certified zombie work of art, there's a clue in the titles

I Am Not Dead (Yeah!)
It Could Never Happen Here
Aim For The Brain
The Day ODB died

marketing mayhem ensues with a 5 minute zombie movie made with his pals, be honest you would if you could and 'hand crafted PDF with all the lyrics'.

Or you can get the whole thing with a mint T shirt.

I love the fact that all orders and emails are personally dealt with and any money goes straight to the artist. My pack of goodies arrived with extra signed poster and chewy sweets, it's like buying a Whizzer comic and the xray spex attached to the cover actually work.

There is a postscript to this, I had half written this when at 46 seconds into the video this happened.

Clearly I had the inside track.

What's not to like, zombies are fantastic

Broke the world record too, go buy something before the bad guys arrive..



  1. That's sarcastic still counts.

    oh you are so Dead

  2. Being dead is all the rage it seems. I'm a little confused by the idea of zombies adopting modern technology, unless I suppose, they are recently dead with an IT background. Its fair enough then I reckon.

    Or maybe not, zombies with zip files just doesnt seem right. And do you think their musical tastes continue to evolve after undeath? If undeath is the correct expression. I'd like to think that their preferences remain as they were at the time they were doomed to walk the Earth, perhaps seeking out the latest Jethro Tull LP.

  3. I clicked on the link and have a number of questions:
    1. Are you the only person to buy stuff off him?
    2. Is that his Mother he's talking to, whilst he works in his bedroom? (I hope he keeps it tidy)
    3. Aren't you a bit old for all this fanboy worship stuff? Next, you'll be telling us you are in the Razorlight fan club!

  4. 1. I hope not as the house would be full of the 'sold out' stuff.

    2. Quite possibly as his mother helped him source a better quality T Shirt this time. I like my mum too.

    3. I really like the guys ethos, it seems a useful way to spend some of your 80 odd years. Perhaps a few more people should take risks, be creative, add colour and brighten peoples lives. or not, maybe a zombie life is good enough.

    It's only Awesome (Fanboy) or Arctic Monkeys reviews round here, no-one wants to read a 5/10 review. OK maybe if Craigs written it.

    And it's the Helen Love fan club. Hey Ho Let's Go.

  5. Getting back to the important stuff, maybe a

    'Blood on the Tracks' LP

  6. which one's Sue? Is she the unhappy zombie in front of the Panda?

  7. She's not even on the picture which is why Craig is dead!

  8. I've always been quite into the idea of being "undead". I think it stems back to the golden era of Goth, Bauhaus, and my favourite band of all time, Fields of the Nephilim, all of whom had a penchant for zombification, hanging around in batcaves,, self-raising flour.
    After my sub-thyroidectomy recently I won all the awards at our local Halloween bash last weekend, without even dressing up. Although I didn't dress up last year and came second, which is a worry..

  9. Fuck zombies.

    The only good zombie's a dead one?

  10. OK we really have to stop the Anonymous posting now or I'll have to force signing in. Please stick your name at the end of the post to stop me blaming ANdy for all the offensive stuff.

    And no it wouldn't be cool to say Fuck OFF


  11. why do you always think it's me?

  12. And I'd just like to point out that it wasn't ME insulting Sue.

    Thank god Craig foolishly signed in for that one, otherwise I would have no doubt got the blame!

  13. It wasnt an insult. I said that she was looking well FFS.

  14. I do like your use of the word ' always' it's a bit of a giveaway as I never said 'always'.

    Sign in mate, job done