Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Slow Club - Live in Leeds

Thats as in playing Live in Leeds as opposed to The Who who do in fact have a dormer bungalow just off Hyde Park. (Leeds not London)

Even in my own self appointed ‘expert on anything’ world I’ll admit I’m no Gok Wan, never the less, I’ve recently become conscious of making a few snap judgments on people based upon their clothing. It’s not even people I’m meeting, just randoms. It may have been subconsciously brought on by reading Mike Scotts opinions on the ubiquitous look of the 15 year to 55 year age group. The summary was scruffy, uninspired and dull…..actually, my favourite look.

And so back to judgements, lets start with UG Boots, I’ve already concluded that the type of person who wears these is ‘not my sort’ . Whereas, I’ve got people who wear hoodies now as good anti fashion people who may be a bit WAY but are no doubt good for a pint or two.

I like all hats and everyone who wears them and I hate the whole football top thing, unless of course its on the players, although even here I think I’d make them wear a shirt and tie if they are on the bench.. Oh yes and the point of this

Brudenel Social club is like a Rupert Bear convention when we arrive, I really like checked shirts. I go all the way back to Big Country and 80’s student life, Andy has always worn his with panache! how could I not like them. This place was more like a moving multicoloured Cluedo board though, I was so tempted to go for the Colonel Mustard in the toilet with the lead piping gag but it may have been misconstrued.

Tonight would be my first time seeing Slow Club and as Pam had offered to take me out and drive me home for my birthday I was all set for a happy time. £2.15 a pint for Strongbow was also going to assist. Thankfully we arrived early enough to bag a seat although the whole student sitting on the floor thing would have suited me just fine.

After a fairly non descript local band, we were treated to a fragile and sultry set from Cate Le Bon. Cate sounds like Nico doing a take on deliberate French accent, well she did until she spoke and then she was clearly Welsh. I sussed this in the middle of the Welsh language song she was singing…..told you the drinks were cheap. Much touted, recently I liked her enough to buy a CD. I know, ‘how many sultry singer songwriters does the world need?’ but I loved her fragility and her humour.

I’d watched Slow Club on Youtube, live performances and videos, on the basis of this I bought the album and loved it well 9/13ths of it. I had high expectations.

From the moment they started the gig unannounced in the middle of the audience I knew I was going to love it. Everything about Slow Club live is wonderful, the between song banter, the audience inclusion, ‘get on stage and dance to this one or we’ll look like prats’ to the snappier versions of the songs. Pam was sober and loved them, I was happyish and really loved them, people sang, people danced, people laughed, everyone smiled. They played all the songs I knew and a few more, then they hit the 11pm curfew. No worries…lets all head outside to the smoking area………and carry on.

I can’t recommend them too highly. They are playing Crewe next week and the first time anything mildly interesting happens in Crewe and I’m out of the country. Must see at any festival next year chaps.

Oh yeah, they disappear in a woosh of smoke at the end too

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  1. What dont you like about Ugg boots? They just look like warm wellies for dry days to me.

    I've got to disagree on hoodies as well. Wearing a hoody as anti fashion is still fashion, just a variant on the same old thing. Offenders over the age of 25 should have the face holes sewn up and be send to play in the road.

    Some hats are good, some are great in fact. I'm not keen on baseball caps though and blokes who wear those knitted ones that look like peg bags should have their heads pecked by oversized birds of prey.

    I'm with you on football shirts and also on the idea of subs wearing shirts and ties. In fact I'm sure some of them do. It so often seems such a surprise to them when they get asked to go on and appear to have to get changed from scratch. "Me Boss? Come on and play football? Well I suppose I could if you like. I dont want to get dirty though, I'm going out later. Have we got any kit?"

    Anyway, nice review. Were the band any good?