Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mutant Exhibition - One Foot in the Grove

It's Saturday night, we're in London and the world is our lobster, 'right, lets go and see some mutants under the railway arches'.

The first saving grace is that it's in Ladbroke Grove which is a really cool and no longer trendy area of town, you can get seats in restaurants and there are no queues at the bars. It also has a bit of an edgy feel, the kind of streets you're not allowed down as a tourist.

The second is that the living art exhibition we've come to see has been put together by the folk responsible for Trash City at Glastonbury which at least prepared me for the freaks, the flames and the vaudeville. The huge metallic sculptures straight from the set of Mad Max were there as expected, but the bonus was the 'shed' of modern art. (I almost described it as contemporary then but I honestly have no idea what that word means).

Robots pole dancing is a weird concept in itself,

but extreme 1984 style cots next to them would have messed with my head had I not already taken tequila as a precaution.

The Mutant parade / performance started and in those well used words 'it was a health and safety nightmare' but great street art. High powered flame throwers, fire breathing horses and scantily clad women as likely to trip up and breath fire on you as they were to dance shadows on the walls.

I'm outside on a warm evening with lots of pals, a bar and music, it was always going to be fun. Couple this with street theatre, high jump girls and head mess art and all for £2 you can't really go wrong. If you're at a loose end in London in the next week you should nip down there. Santo's mexican restaurant opposite is pretty cool too.

And if all else fails, just score some drugs.

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