Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Album - My Gold Mask

Most of the reviews I do for albums are pretty much out of date and have been blogged to death before they land here. But to my knowledge this band is pretty brand new to the UK so you are all cutting edge now. ( ok - thanks to a USA based blog which regularly publishes brilliant new stuff). On top of that, anyone paying any sort of attention will have noticed that I've stopped reviewing albums that are just ok. So its effectively Awesome or Arctic Monkeys from now on.

Fortunately this is Awesome and the good news is you can download the whole thing for about £3.70. You get to choose its worth, which is cool. If you are even tighter than that and want to ruin music for future generations you could just steal the free stuff, be careful though, one too many free download and the tectonic plates collide at high speed and that's you lithosphered right out of here.

Yes it's one of those two person bands where the girl drums and sings live and the bloke musics about the place. On record they share the instruments a bit more and for reassurance its nothing like the Ting Tings. There are certainly some Siouxsie and the Banshees influences but the guitar playing makes it a lot heavier in parts and it doesn't really sound like anyone else. Ten times better and more interesting than Big Pink and you can dance to it.

Link to buy the album or just listen to it.

Its a big thumbs up from me as I think they push the boundaries a bit, but for those who can't be bothered with the whole album thing just download this one for free and hold on tight.


  1. Woah, another one. This place has more reviews than Which Magazine.

    And that makes me wonder, do you think when Which Magazine was launched, and I'm guessing it was sometime in the fifties, the existing and similarly named but aimed at a totally different market, Witch Magazine took the huff? They arent really people that you would want to upset if you can avoid it.

    Perhaps a review of broomsticks in the first issue would have gone some way to pacify them.

    If this appears to be stolen from Harry Potter, apologies. But I cant believe they would pass up the almost unnoticable gag of one of the teachers reading Witch Magazine in the staff room. I used to use Harry Potter fillums (Teesside spelling) to catch up on my sleep so may have missed it. In fact, thats a very Teesside phrase I think, 'used to use'.

    Anyway, I'm happy to accept your opinion that the LP is very nice.

  2. It's a fact that the producers of Wedgewood's internal company magazine were very aggrieved at the launch of "Big Jugs".