Monday, 19 October 2009

Album - Noah and the Whale - First Days of Spring

I'm not sure how this happened as under any normal circumstances I would have this lot filed under hippies and relegated them to EOTR sunday morning recovery music. Actually this may be a lot closer to the truth than I'd considered.

My normal cider and friends filter at EOTR festival last year held up quite well and I remember a distinct ' not bad if you like that sort of thing comment'. Their Big Chill appearance was special though, to overcome the poor sound quality at the back I found myself 15 yards from the front really enjoying them. It turns out a lot of the tunes played were from the upcoming album.

Cider and friends filter back in place at Leeds festival I saw 20 minutes and dismissed my previous experience as a one off never to be repeated......then I listened to the album. I've always been a sucker for a violin (I was going to write fiddle there, but it seemed all wrong) since The Pogues or The Waterboys so chucking in whole orchestras of them was always going to get approval.

The album is really uplifting and even if few of the tracks would make Muse look like they are a bit short of kitchen sinks I really like it. I'll been voted out of the jingly jangly guitar appreciation society if I carry on like this, still I can always sit and stroke a fake beard at Green Man festival with Andy I suppose.

I thought the cover was him being bludgeoned by a monkey with a baseball bat. Turns out it's not half that exciting.


  1. It does look a little like a simian smack around the chops. There are a few bands who would benefit from attention like that.

    Is there anything as catchy as that 'Five Years Time' or whatever it's called? That seemed way above any of their other stuff at EoTR in '08.

  2. I think its all better than that one, maybe not as jangly but certainly good for happy Saturday or Sunday morning round the house.

    Razorlight - bit obvious, but in need of a smack round the chops for sure

  3. I never even saw this lot at EOTR last year. Where was I? Mind you, I thought they were a bit dull at Leeds.

  4. As Mr Anonymous it's quite bloody tricky to figure out where you were. The bookies or the pub would be my best guess. At a push I's go for the CD shop maybe?