Friday, 22 January 2010


Narri Narro!

And I cannot blame you if you think now, what the hell is she talking about!
Let me explain it to you as good as I can and later you can say: “ Jesus, I knew it, The Germans are a strange type of stuffed cabbage.”

Fasnacht is called the fifth season, because it gets celebrated like Easter, X-mas and the one when Jesus mates got the holy spirit and his sandals…oh, and I think, and some women holidays….I do not know what you call it in English…..I will look it up later.

Some people actually only live for this fifth season “Fasnacht” and save their holidays and money in order to masquerade as witches, devils, barbies( that is easy, we have a lot of barbies and Kens), cowboys and Indians (easy too as Germans love to play cowboys and Indians in their spare time) and as police officers( easy too just do not dress) …ect… the list is very long – I remember that I had to go once as a clown when I was younger, because I refused to go as a ladybird and take part in a silly school play. So they dressed me up as a clown with a big red nose and a stupid clown costume which disappeared including hat and red nose after I left home. I told them I got robbed from a group of kids, they liked the costume so much….Costume got found two weeks later in the garage in a bucket where I changed to myself…

This whole madness always starts on the 11th of November at 11 o´clock and lasts for five weeks, that means for the half of the population five weeks drinking non stop and party until they do not know their names anymore. Every weekend is then a procession with all “Zünften” such as witches, cruel looking creatures from the black forest with whipes( these are the worse ones when they catch you , they put you in a cage feeding you the famous sausage or “Brezel” and giving you “Schnaps”!).

Also you have to bare in your mind that under the costumes of the witches are to 80% men – women are not allowed to play the witch – not this time….and the leader of all is the devil see picture. He commands and leads the mad crowd..

Once they captured me (that was the last time I spent my time watching this procession), forced me in a cage with a lot of hysterical women screaming their bloody heads off and doing noises like little piggies when they are hungry – that was not a very pleasant experience and I managed to escape by just jumping off – so easy, but some people like it to get whiped and fed …

The whole thing about Fasnacht is to banish the winter that is the excuse to take five weeks off and go on the gargle to strip nacked in bars, pubs and on the street and to rob banks.

Here a small video for you to get a slight taste of it


  1. Do you know Dizzee Rascal .....Bonkers! that's the only word for it

  2. These are the best bits on here. German girl, you are welcome to have my babies (new ones that is, although you could probably take one of the existing ones if you like).

    Shad, if it's really you, you will need to have a shave first.

  3. Don't touch the existing ones unless you like policemen

  4. Simply incredible and completely barking all at the same time. why does this sort of stuff not happen in the UK? We're so boring.
    I'm off to dress up as a devil and go on the lash for five weeks.

  5. Paul, thanks for the pictures - they are great.
    Yes I know Dizzee Rascal through my son and his friends-not my taste
    Craig, could you say Shad a big Hello from me unknowable(does this word exist)? Sorry, I am not interested in babies new or old ones, but thanks for the offer
    Rick, devil is a good choice as you get everywhere free beer

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