Friday, 22 January 2010

Album -Delphic - Acolyte

I was about to right this album off as 'being just a bit too like New Order' for me. And in truth, at first listen there is a separated at birth argument. Up until today I'd listened to this album as background music in the car and more appreciated it rather than listened and loved.

If it wasn't a first album I would almost certainly have given it a 5.5/11 as ok - but could do better, it almost received a don't believe the hype title. But it's better than that (not the Public Enemy song though)

Cranked up loud and actually listened to it's packed full of tunes within tunes, a depth that's not obvious during a casual dalliance. No, it's not a traditional grower (ie a bit rubbish but hell I'm going to persevere) , it just requires a bit more attention than usual. Although I'm no technical expert, I suspect it's because all the dials weren't switched to 11 during the recording process and it doesn't fill your ears with the usual condensed white noise associated with most modern pop music.

It's yet to transcend that elusive corridor from head to heart music but I'm starting to like this album more and more , but then again I thought the 80's had their moments too. Another 3 plays and I'll be dancing.

Delphiccounterpoint by Cogstar


  1. so what you're saying is that it's a "grower", but not in a traditional "growing" sort of way?

  2. yes that's a perfect description...except in the car

  3. I don't think this band was around in the 70's, so unfortunately its an instant dismissal from me.

  4. Voyage of the Acolyte is the debut solo album from then-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. It was released in 1975 on Chrysalis Records in the US and Charisma Records for the rest of the free world.

    That should help sooth your nerves

  5. "It's yet to transcend that elusive corridor"???!!! Bloody hell Paul, either you've hired a ghost writer or you've recently swallowed a Thesaurus...excellent wotk.

    As far as the Delphic album ic concerned, there are 3 or 4 really good tunes on there, "Clarion Call" and "Counterpoint" being my particular faves, but it is very watery and trance-lite in places, which is why I found Klaxons so exceptionally overrated. "Must try harder", for me, especially in the hunt for a deeper groove. 6 out of 11.