Friday, 1 January 2010

Festive 45 Top Tunes 2009

And finally, through a recovery haze we get to the top 15 tunes of the year. Just a few words for the coming year for the contributors on here.

Craig - get a new favourite band
Andy - play some dance music at least once a week
Rich - try an acoustic album or two
Rick- revise a decade per quarter and get out of the 70's
Wieb - keep sending the posts and thanks we loved the German beer

And so.............

15. The Young Republic - Bows in Your Arms

14. Miike Snow - Animal

13. Slow Club - Brilliant Friends

12. Warpaint - Billy Holiday

11. Florence and the Machine - Girl With One Eye

10. Eminem - The Warning

9. Joyzipper - One

8. Santiago - Calypso

7. Meursault - William Henry Miller Pt 1

6. Withered Hand - Religious Songs

5. Withered Hand - Love in the Time of Ecstasy

4. Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden - Bonkers Clubmix

3. My Gold Mask - Violet Eyes

2. Dan le Sac vs Scroobious Pip - Get Better

1. The Young Republic - The Alchemist

I saw TYR play The Alchemist at the end of the road festival in 2008 and it was the one song that was better than Isis (Bob Dylan cover) live. The studio release is even better, sounding like a runaway train just about making the last curve towards it's final destination via a virtuoso violin solo to die for.

Every household should own one.


  1. Your right there Paul i am in a bit of a time warp. I will check out the tracks you have listed. And just to back up what you said, my album of the year would be Rainbow - Rainbow Rising, absolute prog-rock-tastic!

  2. Rick I'll bring you the triple CD set, I fear you need it most.

  3. Dance is dead. Like rap was invented for people who couldn't sing, Dance was invented for people who couldn't write songs.

    Let's just leave it to the kids.

    Now, Rainbow Rising...there's a stone cold classic!

    So Shad has been sending you German beer, has he?

  4. I've reread this 4 times now and the only part I can see any merit in is that maybe Rainbow Rising is worth a second could I 'borrow' a copy Ric?

  5. Paul I will bring you in a completely original and legitimate copy of Rainbow Rising on Monday. It's like i'm sort of back in the cool gang again! (If only for a little while)

  6. So I've been listening to the albums you lent me:
    Mumford & Sons: Like it and have ordered a legitimate original (was going to say ordered a copy, but surely that is wrong?)
    Young Republic: Can take it or leave it, to be honest. Napoleon Roses and Balletesque have however made it to my ITunes library
    Meursault: Like this a lot. Would even put it on my shelves if I could find the artwork somewhere.

    Next step is your top 45...I reckon there's an EP to be fashioned out of that!

  7. That picture of the girl in the Young Republic isn't very flattering. She looks like a boy. And I reckon she needs sleeves.

  8. Funny looking boy! anyway here is the link to buy the Meursault stuff. They need the cash as they all have day jobs

  9. Thanks Paul. I am glad that you liked the old German beer.
    You know we have so many of them ...the best German beer is actually "Rothaus".
    If you really like, I will keep posting

  10. Good one, Shad.