Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Top 21 Albums 2009 - Other Half

DAN's the Man

Who cares about all the other ones that could have made it? I'm sure Andy will cater for that market, Brakes, Arctic Monkeys , Dizzee that sort of stuff. For what it's worth here are my favourite slices of happiness from 2009.

10) Deadmau5 - For want of a better name.

Don't give me 'obscure' it's about their 4th album. Happy dancy beats to twirl around and around to.

9) Miike Snow - Miike Snow

More dance beats with tunes and words, even you growing old pals will like this one.

8) Maximo Park - Quicken the Heart

More killer pop tunes and sing along chorus's from Billingham's finest. The kid's are sick again!

7) My Gold Mask - My Gold Mask

Find of the year, Indie dance pop smash hits music phenomenon with screechy bits.

6) Slow Club - Yeah So

More chorus's than the Beatles mustered in the whole of 1963. Would brighten up even a sour puss's Sunday morning.

5) Mumford and Sons- Sigh No More

Popular Indie folk for the masses but with more hooks than a Killers best of. Hum it all the way to the pub.

4) Florence and the Machine - Lungs

'Oh my God dad it's the best album ever written', I took it as a recommendation and its a fabulous album. If I was 15 and female it may have been number one in my head too.

3) Akira the Don - The Omega Sanction

Shut up, it's a work of genius, just because it samples loads of other tunes and mixes them with new tunes and new lyrics and has sick rap on it doesn't mean it's not for you. If you can sample Steam and make it amazing then it's a neat trick to pull.

2) The Young Republic -Balletesque

It's full of great songs, really fantastic songs. Indie blues folk rock music for the masses or if not then for my car.

1) Withered Hand - Good news

The tunes are deceptively simple, but they never quite follow the route you're expecting, an extra verse or a curtailed chorus changes the direction of a song. The singing is fragile and often strained but in the same way Dylan triumphed it fits the songs perfectly. The lyrics are funny, sad, poignient outrageous and so clever in parts they put Morrissey to shame. Half of this album grabs you first time, whilst the other half sneaks up on you and demands listen after listen.

Listen to the stories, hum the tunes, but most of all wish Dan and his band a Merry Christmas. Oh and buy the record

he gets more cash this way and can afford to make another one.


  1. Nice to see Akira the Don getting a mention....

  2. I have a try with "Withered Hand" as you compare him with Dylan and Morrissey - the greatest writers in music.
    Just my opinion

  3. Well, mebbe I'm down wiv da kidz after all as I know the top two on your list, admittedly Withered Hand only after you gave me a copy.

    Both decent LP's. Nothing out of the ordinary though, I'm afraid.

  4. You have no base for ordinary

  5. Don't be afraid mate, I suspect that Withered Hand doesn't work as an album played as background music in the car. Now I've fixed your stereo you should give it a listen.

  6. Well, I've only heard two of your choices - White Lies (bad Duran Duran) and of course Florence. So I guess that means you beat Rich in the "who can choose the most obscure albums" competition.

    Hopefully my choice of Bon Jovi, U2, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Leonna Lewis et al will redress the balance somewhat.

    Incidentally, who amongst us knew that Alan McGee is a huge fan of Bon Jovi? Me neither, but it's all here:

  7. you are such a liar, you've seen at least 2 of the others and Mumford and Sons is right up your alley

  8. I haven't actually got around to the Mumford album - though I did like the single that sounded like Arcade Fire.

    Maybe you could "lend" me a copy?

  9. No problem I'll have one ready to 'lend' you at new year

  10. Having reviewed those albums, I only know one of them and although it's not much cop , it certainly puts me way ahead in the obscurity stakes.

  11. what happened to Airborne Toxic Event?

    I can't listen to a band who can't spell properly (Miike...I ask you?). Except Slade of course.

  12. ATE was sooooooooooooo last year, no really it was a 2008 release