Friday, 21 August 2009

Live - Orbital at The Big Chill

Orbital jacked it all in in 2004 and now like many many many other bands realise they may not have quite got their pension fund sorted. I've never been one to go all purist on this and am very happy to add them to my ticked off list. (I Spy book 31 - old dance bands)

I've got a few of the Orbital albums (just checked and its four) and I kind of quite like them, which isn't a great recommendation for going to see them...however they have a few tunes which are lovely to listen to whilst laying down in a quiet room half drunk/chilled. Again not the best recommendation for outside at a festival late at night. It could be a snoralong.

Peter on the other hand is a MEGA fan and has been bouncing about for 48hours with tales of Orbital as ever the enthusiam has rubbed off on me and at 11.20 pm Saturday night I'm armed with cider and ready to chill. Then blow me and they go all heavy dance and its bloody brilliant, fortunately I'm black hoodied up and can Ian Brownalong with the best of them. thats shuffling not singing in a flat voice along......although.

Hood up, cidered up and off to the front I managed to lose Pete pretty quickly (not on purpose) and about 20 minutes later I lost my head to the wonderful Satan song by the band. Any song where you can shout out Satan at the top of your voice is a good song. The people next to me were shouting it out very bloody loudly indeed and were very off their heads......but they looked freakin happy.

The tunes continued, the lights were mega the little side headlamps dancilicious and we all boogied our arses off till very very late indeed. Being brought up in late and post punk Britain, liking dance music was akin to dancing with the devil, (the more astute of you will have spotted the link a mile off) but since 1989 it's been ok for indie kids to shuffle a lot. Truth is, as an indie dad my shuffling has tended more and more towards embarrassing full on dancing dad and scarily I'm liking it more and more. Chemical Brothers, the brilliant Basement Jaxx, Faithless, Lethal Bizzle and next up 2manyDJs.

I'm now converted to the Orbital camp too, if the tickets weren't trading for £150 each I'd be off to see them in Manchester in soon. The boys played late, did the Dr Who thing and then in good old sulky indie boy style said sod it to the encore....good on them for that too. Oh and we got spooky mist across the lake on the way home.

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