Monday, 24 August 2009

Live - Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong

Even on a bad day I tend to be a glass way over half full chap and certainly I'd rather write a positive review than a bad one, but really, people should be warned. Just to get to the nub of the issue

dull, unoriginal and uninspired

V Festival may have it's critics and I've got a few pals who won't attend anymore, but if you get the opportunity to play to a tent full of people when you are virtualy unheard of then you really should try a bit. It turned out that V was a whole lot friendlier this year and as long as alcohol was in plastic bottles it was allowed into the stadium. And so, even with a happy drunken audience JJJ managed to be so mind numbingly dull that about 50% of the crowd shuffled off before the end.

For anyone who hasn't heard of this band, this is the stuff I have in my head about them. NME decided they were going to be the next big thing back in 2007, obviously with the NME a randomiser is attached to a shotgun and anyone within 500 miles of a single pellet is the next big thing. My mum has stopped singing in the house just in case she gets a slot in the 'Radar' section.

An NME awards tour and couple of support slot tours with Kaiser Chiefs and possibly Babyshambles followed (not for my mum) and then off to write the album, save the world and get the girl. But no....the album was set for a late 2008 release and then it got canned for 'not being good enough'. Joe had did tell the crowd this fairly early into the set, I think we'd spotted the issue by then.

It's all very well being a skinny indie kid lead singer and wearing gold pants, but a few melodies wouldn't go amiss. Even the odd chorus would have helped but looking like Peter Perret meets Julian Cope and playing a set of Razorlight Light outakes from 4 years ago is woeful. If you really want to hear how that sounds.

It turns out Joe was the drummer in The Pippettes and Rose Dougall is the guitarists sister, so maybe he's just in the wrong place as both of the above are major positives. Other wiki 'fact' you have to be careful as teenagers can edit it but.....Mr Dougal their dad is the news broadcaster Robert Dougal.

Rose post Pipettes and prior to Tan Hill I think

Back to JLJJJ

My prediction is one album released and then into the bargain basement quicker than you can say Shed Seven.

Almost forgot the scoring 2/11

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  1. OK that was easy enough. Maybe I need the high jump girl on here too