Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Top Albums 2010

Just for a change top to bottom


By a mile the best album of the year, if you don't like it on first play, just turn the volume up. OK so Neil's voice may be back in the mix in parts- well - TURN THE VOLUME UP. The songs are fantastic, the guitars are excellent, he's a great singer and whatever the beeps and clicks are they work for me...By a Mile!

Titus Andronicus

I'm not sure I can explain this one properly either, it's got a lot of guitars on it, it's quite shouty in places and it's certainly got a few great tunes on it. It's also a bit messy a bit oddly produced and doesn't exactly flow. It just makes me excited listening to new music though, definitely a heart rather than a head album. Play it loud and be immersed.

The National

Not that tricky really, just write an album choc full of great songs and everyone will love it. It's worth getting the first issue not the re issue though as Terrible Love is far better on it, they throw a drum kit down a long flight of stairs and record it.

Akira The Don and Joey2tits

In which AKD turns in his best work of the year, awesome mixing, great tunes, and the best UK exponent of hip hop for sure. Tunes meet dance meet rap meet pop, it's even got 60's riffs in there.

Arcade Fire

It took me a while to get this, the online video wotsit helped and then I played it in the car. My favourite driving album of the year perfect beats to singalong songs

Male Bonding

Old style indie guitars, no really old style, think Steve Diggle with more effects pedals. It's like all of Manchester Indie music chucked in a blender, switched to max spin and popping the lid. 3 minute pop songs making a welcome comeback...with screech guitar.

Kid Canaveral

Every song a classic, Sarah Records meets the neu folk revolutionists.

The Hold Steady

Trust me it's better in retrospect, I played it to death for a month earlier in the year and loved it, then I got bored with it and now it's my 2nd favourite Hold Steady album. It's always about the quality of the songs you know.


This was free at the start of the year and the blogosphere went crazy. It worked a treat for Mr Yelawolf who signed for a major and pocketed the cash. If you listen to one rap album this year get a copy of the earlier issue. The big label scrapped half the best tunes stuck some filler in and trashed a great album. (I know someone with a copy ;-))

Gaslight Anthem

It's probably become fashionable not to like them by now but, I'll still be playing this album in 5 years time. It may be as a bit predictable, however as long as the verses and chorus' are singable it'll do me.

Silver Columns

Electronic, dance fun from north of the border

LCD Soundsystem

Some top tunes in amongst a few duffers, what the heck is that Bowie rip off doing on there?

Frightened Rabbit

They've become a bit popular and indeed a bit pop in parts but, I've played this album an awful lot and I've a feeling it's going to stick.

The Futureheads

As with all Futureheads albums it's a bit inconsistent, but when its good its mint. 'Heartbeat' is the best pop song of the year.


Talking of great pop songs 'Spanish Sahara' is one of the best his year too. It's my favourite spinning around album of the year.

Johnny Flynn

I don't care if he's mates with the rest of the southern new folkies and almost so hip he can barely limp because this album is full of surprises. It's almost trad folk and it's very pop in parts too, but in the way that Shane McGowan can write great songs I think Mr Flynn may well have a few classics in his locker.

And then a few other notable inclusions

Best Album illegally copied for me

Shoegazey Pop

Best Album nonchalantly passed by USB stick

Jangly pop tunes

And without further ado back to the magnificent Meursault, best album of the year and best gig of the year too.

If you haven't seen the live songs from Glastonbury then these are worth a look. Some good looking chaps in this audience! You know the rules TURN THE VOLUME UP

and the quieter

I think I'm starting to like the fact that the music industry is disintegrating and you have to search out the god stuff again rather than it being spoonfed to the masses.


  1. Turning up Meursault doesn't work - his voice is still too low down in the mix, and the bleeps and bloops are still too high. The guy on the Apple Mac should go and learn how to play a proper instrument. Don't you think the first album was better?

    Couple of handsome chaps on those videos though.

  2. I really prefer this Meursault album, I think it's really original but still has enough structure to make it enjoyable. Andy crank up 'What You Don't Have' to full blast. That's a work of genius.